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Quality Gem Stone World Globes

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All globes are not created equal. Our Jeweler Quality Gemstone Globes are the finest globes in the world and are the epitome of great craftsmanship. A Gemstone Globe is truly the genuine article.  We specify and inspect all of the high quality materials that go into our globes, including:

    • Twenty-five exquisite Grade A gemstones are used for the oceans and countries of the world. 
    • Our globes contain no faux gemstones as with some manufacturers.  Our oceans are made of reconstituted genuine Grade A gemstones with a 15% resin mix, not all resin as in lower quality globes.
    • Glittering gold and silver ribbon is used for the latitude and longitude lines.
    • Ten coats of clear acrylic are applied to protect the gemstone and precious metals.
    • The finest quality brass, copper and pewter electroplating is used for our stands and mountings. 
    • Our stands and fittings are lacquered to prevent them from tarnishing.
    • Because we do all this, our gemstone globes last forever and require virtually no care or maintenance.  Simply dust them off occasionally and wipe smudges off with a damp cloth.  That’s all you’ll ever have to do.

All Gem Stone Globes are imported from the finest factories in Asia.  We are proud to sell the only semi-precious gemstone globe accredited by the Chinese Society for Geodesy, Photogrammetry & Cartography.  We are one of the few companies that still market a globe completely made of grade "A" semi-precious stones, including the oceans.  It's easy to find a cheaper, inferior gemstone globe, but is that really what you want?  Our Jeweler Quality gemstone globe is manufactured to last for generations.

Here is the information you should consider to help you make your decision:

Good Quality Globes   Poor Quality Globes
No gaps between countries.   Visible gaps between countries.
No gaps between oceans & continents/countries.   Fillers/laminates can be seen between stones.
Stones delicately cut to show detail and accurate border contours.   Fillers used to compensate for poor stone cut and quality.
Grade A stones are vividly rich & colorful.   Cracked, dry, dirty or broken stones.
Oceans contain silver & dark blue specks from the calcite & pyrite found in Lapis.   Oceans are made of synthetic material, most probably resin.
Typography is elegant and clearly readable.   Different, garish typestyles laid out illogically, letters are missing, etc.
Spellings are correct.   Countries are misspelled, or missing.
Type looks balanced.   Globe looks too crowded or simple.
Same piece of stone is used for entire globe.   Contain clearly damaged or broken stones.
Stone stands made of the same material as the ocean.   Stands made of synthetic material or dyed sandstone.
Metal stands free of scratches & brush marks.   Small scratches and brush marks visible on the metal.
Globe and rim are tensioned to prevent flopping over.   Globe and rim won't rotate freely or spin endlessly.
Globe is balanced perfectly.   Imbalanced globe will rotate unevenly.

Note: Due to the nature of semi-precious gemstones, the colors in the sample pictures and the actual globe gemstones may vary slightly.

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